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 We bring to you the best language courses in the world because we want your language learning experience to be FUN, EASY and  above all EFFECTIVE.

It is our firm belief that anyone with an open mind, willing to learn, can learn any language, no matter how difficult it may be perceived to be.

Our aim is to provide you with the best language courses for all your language needs; be it study, employment or even leisure.

Is Language Learning for Everybody?

YES. Absolutely. Your age, intelligence level, educational background doesn’t really matter, as long as you are committed and determined to learn. With the correct mindset and with the best course material ANYONE can succeed! 

However you need to be careful to select the best language course material, since the course material you choose could  very well decide your pace of learning, your enthusiasm during the learning, the practicality of the knowledge you gain and your overall fluency of the language.

Learning language online

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

Language played a key factor in the social development of humankind and in the rise of great cultures. It is through language that people translated thoughts into words, which could be understood and acted upon by others, that brought to life new inventions which paved the development of mankind.

Personally you would gain many benefits by learning a new language

Learn Foreign Languages  to Enhance your Employment     Opportunities

If you are in search of foreign employment, then learning the language used in that country will be a must. Even if you may not directly use that language during the job, you may need to know the language to deal with the local people. Knowledge of foreign languages will have a direct impact for certain careers like translator jobs. Learning a new language will also expand your career options and enhance your marketability.

Learning New Languages Stimulates the Brain and Improves Neural Activity.

Research has shown that learning new languages stimulates the brain, keeping it active and efficient. This is because when learning a new language, you are challenging parts of the brain that you wouldn't usually put to work. The brain needs to be constantly stimulated with new challenges for it to be healthy, active and efficient. This is especially true for senior citizens who need to stimulate their brains to prevent neural degeneration.

Learning a Foreign Language Opens up New Worlds for You!

With each new language you learn, you gain access to new cultures. To experience the true essence of a culture and its people, you need to know the native language they speak. Each culture has its own wonders to offer and it is through knowing the language of that culture can you truly experience its glory.

Learn a Foreign Language as a Constructive Way of Spending Your Leisure Time

Today many people are accustomed to wasting away their leisure time on social networking sites, television or movies which add very little value to their personal development. On the other hand, if you spend that time learning a foreign language you would add value to yourself by learning a new skill. Being able to communicate effectively in a foreign language is certainly a skill, a skill which will impress your friends and colleagues. Learning a foreign language can also be great fun if you choose the proper language course. 

The language courses offered on our site are designed to be both fun and effective, because we believe that anything can be learnt faster when it is enjoyable!

You Will Gain the Most out of Your Travel Experience

If you plan to out on vacation to a foreign country, it would be a wise decision to learn at least a bit of the native language spoken. It will certainly help you a great deal when asking for directions, finding the best restaurants and rest rooms and in  getting the best deals for items.

Learning language online



Reasons You May Give for Not Learning a Foreign Language

            “I don’t have time to learn a foreign language’'

If you really want to do something, then you will always find the time for it. That being said, you may actually have very limited free time with work and other commitments.

This is why you need a language course that conveniently fits into your lifestyle and gives you the best results within the least time. 

The language courses you will find at BLT Languages are designed to fit into your fast-paced lifestyle and are designed to cut your learning time by half!


    "I was never good at learning languages. I remember how bad I was in French Class!''

Eventhough you may not have had the best language learning experiences in the past, we are here to say that you CAN master any language with little effort. You may not have enjoyed the language lesson in classroom, because of the obvious drawbacks of a traditional language learning class. Let’s face it. Learning a language in a classroom can be downright boring, class hours may not be convenient for you, the tutor may not pay individual attention and there would be plenty of distractions to hamper your learning. This is why we at BLT Languages offer online language courses that are convenient, effective and focused entirely on your individual development.

     "Learning a language is boring!"

In a class room environment?..Yes. 

With our language courses? No. 

These online courses are designed to be FUN and INTERACTIVE. Research has shown that when you enjoy what you learn, you learn it faster. These  language courses built in with interactive sessions, audios, videos and games will be anything but boring!

    ''I already know two languages. It would be impossible for me to cope with more languages''

Did you know that an average person uses just about 10% of his/her brain power? Did you know that certain individuals are fluent in seven languages? These great individuals are called polyglots. Sir John Brownrig and Queen Cleopatra are said to be famous polyglots. It is quite amazing how these great minds learnt so many languages at a time when interactive language courses didn’t exist! You, with all these tools to help you, should be able to easily master another language.


  ''I’d love to learn a new language, but it’s too costly''

Well it must be said that language courses can be quite expensive. It is expensive because learning a language is something very special and there are only a few tutors who can teach it well. It is with the rise of the internet that language learning material became available to the masses and at a much cheaper price. 

Online language courses come at a fraction of the cost of a traditional course, making it an affordable option to those who love to learn. In addition, you would save on the indirect costs of attending a class, such as travelling costs to and from class, time spent on travel, cost of stationery etc. E-learning is truly the future way of learning.


Why Choose a Language Course on Best Language Tutor?

  • You Get the Best Results within the Least Time!

The language courses on this site WILL deliver results! They are EFFECTIVE! We Guarantee that you will progress rapidly along your language learning journey with our courses!

We understand how disappointing it could be to pay for products and not gain the results promised. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with these courses. You can be assured that you will gain maximum value for money. If by any chance you are not satisfied with the product, return it within 60 days and you will get a full refund

Learning language online

  • Convenient Learning Option to Fit into your Busy Lifestyle

The time of your language lesson and duration of the lesson is purely up to you. No need to struggle to be on time for the language class again! With online language courses, YOU decide what time your lesson begins and how long you wish to learn. The course also contains audio files which you could listen to on your I-phone or Mp3 player, allowing you to learn even while at the gym or on your way home from work! With our language courses, your convenience is assured!

  • Cost Effective

You won’t be spending thousands of dollars on language courses and still have little knowledge to show for it. All our language courses are offered at very affordable prices and most importantly you will gain maximum value for your money.

  • The Language Courses offered are Fun and Interesting unlike the boring Class room Lessons

With interactive lessons, audios, videos and even games, these language courses will be far from boring! It would be a lot more fun than being on a social networking site. Time would pass by without you even feeling it, as you progress along with your learning.

Now you have no reason to not learn a new language! Here's a list of all the language courses offered.

Learn French     

Learn Spanish

Learn Italian

Learn Arabic

Learn Chinese

Learn Japanese

Learn German

Learn Portuguese

Learn Korean

Learn Hindi

Learn American Sign Language

American Accent Course 

Learning language online

 Why is Learning a Language Online better than a Traditional  Language Class?

Learning Online is the best way to learn any language. This is because of the distinct advantages of learning languages online.  

In a traditional language learning class you will not get the attention you desire. There will be countless distractions that will hamper your learning. But when learning languages online you can be guaranteed that you will get the individual attention and will not be distracted. Even if you were to pause the program, you could continue from where you stopped. This is certainly impossible with a traditional class.


There are more benefits of learning languages online. You are in complete control of the timing and length of time of each and every lesson! You could sneak in a 30 minute audio lesson on your way to the gym, on your way to work or basically anywhere since all the audio is downloadable and can be carried on an i-pod or MP3 player. Your convenience is assured! Learning language online is certainly the future way of learning languages. Not only is learning languages online more economical when compared to a traditional language class, it also allows you to interact with hundreds of other fellow students following the course. This can help you gauge your progress compared to others learning along with you. 

Learning languages online is really a no-brainer with BLT Languages! 

Learn language online

How to Learn any Language Fast

While it is vital that you make use of the course material offered by BLT Languages to succeed in learning any language successfully, there are certain things you could do to speed up your learning even further. Here are some tips on how to learn any language fast.

1) Constantly strive to expand your vocabulary of the language by watching movies, TV shows, videos, listening to radio shows conducted in the language you wish to learn. Not only will you learn new words, but you will also ‘train your ear’ to the native accent of how the language is spoken.

2) Find someone you could practice speaking the language with. It certainly helps to actually converse with someone that fluently speaks the language you are attempting to learn. The native speaker will help you with the pronunciation of words and you also get a great opportunity of trying out in real life the conversations you learn in the language courses. If however, there are no native speakers in your area, do not lose heart. Technology is so advanced at present that you could be in touch with people all over the world. There are plenty of websites allowing you to connect with people and video chat with them. Use this to your advantage and find new friends while improving your language skills!

3) Consistency is absolutely essential to learn any language. Consistency in this context means constantly refreshing the knowledge you have gained of the language and practically using it daily life. This could mean recalling new words you have learnt until it is engraved into your memory. One great method of doing this is to write new words on one side of flash cards along with the English meaning on the other side. You could take these Flash cards with you wherever you go and just flip through them whenever you have a few minutes to spare, like when waiting at a bank, on your way to work or even at a bus stop. Another great way to burn new vocabulary into your memory is to label objects in your home with the foreign language name. For example, you could label the computer, ‘el ordenador’, which is the Spanish word for computer, if you’re learning Spanish. The aim is to make sure the new words you learn stay fresh in your mind, or else you might lose it.

4) Practice everyday conversations in your mind using the language you are trying to learn. You may think this is crazy but this actually helps a lot! Just imagine how you would ask for a bottle of soda at a store or how you would make a withdrawal at a bank using the foreign language. You can’t always speak out conversations in the foreign language, so practicing them in your mind is the next best thing.

These tips on ‘how to learn any language fast’ will certainly take your knowledge of the language you want to learn to a whole new level. Attempt to incorporate at least a few of them and you will be amazed by the progress you experience.

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